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Communication Advisory, Public Affairs Consulting, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Political Communication


White Paper

GreyMatters is a communication, public affairs, public relations, reputation management and political communication advisory firm.

GreyMatters is led by courage so that we can prepare the ground for your tomorrow. In its quest to find practical and effective solutions, GM is constantly in the pursuit of exploring new horizons and redefining existing ones. At GM, we yearn to be your weathervane constantly guiding you and securing your future road map.

We look beyond conventional PR and offer unique and innovative engagement and intervention solutions, customised to the needs of different set of stakeholders. Also our uniqueness lies in our strength to combine a multitude of disciplines, training and exposure to arrive at a strategy that will drive all our campaigns, initiatives, projects and whose results are realistic and effective.


GreyMatters is a team of talents whose competence are in the areas of research, communication, media management, advocacy and social and political audits, regulatory interface